Disability County Cup Final, first photos

The 5 X 5 and 7 X 7 Disability County Cup Final took place on Sunday 24th April at Eco Power Stadium, Stadium Way, Doncaster DN4 5JW.

While I wait for the report and other photos, here are a few from Twitter to enjoy.

The first photo is the South Yorkshire Ability Counts League committee receiving the 20 Adidas footballs for achieving silver position in the European Ability Leagues.

One more sleep before the Disability County Cup Final

Come and join us tomorrow, Sunday 24th April, with FREE entry @Eco Power Stadium, Stadium Way, Doncaster DN4 5JW starting at 9.30am with FREE entry

Follow the links below for some great graphics: –



See you all there bright and early.


Disability County Cup Final this Sunday with FREE entry

Don’t forget everyone the 5 X 5 and 7 X 7 Disability County Cup Final takes place Sunday 24th April at Eco Power Stadium, Stadium Way, Doncaster DN4 5JW starting at 9.30am with FREE entry.

The Eco-Power Stadium (formerly known as Keepmoat Stadium) is a multi-purpose stadium in Doncaster, England, with a capacity of 15,231.

So let’s get a good crowd there and hopefully celebrate without Covid knocking anyone out.

Happy Easter and thank you to our fantastic SYACL Venues & sponsors Twentytwo & Sheffield Trophy Centre

The South Yorkshire Ability Counts League season came to a thrilling end on Sunday. Much of the success of our match days is down to the fantastic support we receive from our sponsors: – Sheffield Trophy Centre and Twentytwo; our venues: – Goals Sheffield, Goals Doncaster and Concord Sports Centre, writes Margaret Gregory for http://www.southyorkshireability countsleague.com

As a token of our gratitude, Spartans FC star Paul Stylianou called in at the venues and sponsors to present a few Easter eggs to the staff, with the thanks of all of our players, coaches and spectators.

Thanks all and see you next season!! 

Pat from the Sheffield Trophy Centre.

James from Twentytwo.

Andy from Concord Sports Centre.

Ben & Simon from Sheffield Goals Centre.

Josh at Doncaster Goals Centre.

Paul – Spartans FC – with Ben & Simon from Sheffield Goals Centre.
Paul with James from Twentytwo.
Paul with Pat from the Sheffield Trophy Centre.
Paul & Dom with Josh at Doncaster Goals Centre.
Paul with Andy from Concord Sports Centre.

Thrilling end to the South Yorks Ability Counts League Season

Premier title to Bradford Green, Championship to Titans Blue

Bradford Diamonds lift League 1 crown, Spartans take League 2 title

The last word on another fine matchday in the www.southyorkshireabilitycountsleague.com fell to our 5-a-side teams on a splendid day at Goals Doncaster. Our website editor, Margaret, has already posted hundreds of pictures in the gallery section of our website, so take a look to see if you were caught on camera!!

The Premier Divisional Trophy went to Bradford Greens who saw off Inter Barton, Sheffield Black and City Knights Red after six closely-fought matches. Congratulations to them and to the other teams who each received commemorative medals.

Paul Jubb reported, “The Greens lost their 1st game of the day against Sheffield FC Black and thought they had blown their chance of winning on the day; however, we went on to beat Barton Inclusive and City Knights and when Barton Inclusive scored a last-minute goal to beat Sheffield FC, it meant that all 3 teams finished on 6 points.”

“It came down to a 3-way penalty shootout to decide who won. Sheffield Reds missed 2 of their 4 penalties and went out of the competition, that left just ourselves and Barton; both teams scored again, but Barton’s final penalty kick, unluckily, hit the crossbar and bounced out! Charlie stepped up to take the final penalty and scored to secure the trophy!”

In The Championship, the honours went to Club Doncaster Titans Blue, reported by coach John Hibbert.

“Our first game was against Barton Hull Vikings,” John told us. “The game started with the ball being kicked everywhere; but then Conner scored first assisted by Jamie and then Cameron scored. Jamie scored again, and the last goal was scored by Cameron, so we won 4-0”

“Our second game was against Sheffield Purple,” John continued. “Because the venue was changed at the last minute (due to refurbishment work at Goals Sheffield) Sheffield FC only had four players so to encourage fair play we played with 4 as well. It was end-to-end but Danny scored first, then they scored and with virtually the last kick of the game Danny scored to make it Titans 2 Sheffield 1.”

Our third game against Barton was a close game, but Conner got the winning goal to make it Titans1 Barton 0; then, on our last game, Barton gave Sheffield a player before the game started. There was no winner, but it was a very entertaining game. I didn’t put a strong team out as we had already won the cup, so I made it a more evenly matched game. Both teams played fairly, so well played to both teams – and well-done Barton for lending a player!”

Congratulations to John and his Titans Blues team for lifting the trophy, and to all the Championship sides for a great afternoon.

In League One, the glory went to Bradford Diamonds. Our reporter for this Division was Titans Ladies coach Martin Taylor.

“In our first match, we took on City Knights White,” Martin reported.  “Titans Ladies started on the strong foot from the kick off by making it 1 – 0 from a goal by Helen, assisted by Nikita. Then Titans Ladies started running away with the game with another goal by Nikita assisted by Helen. Then Helen scored again by picking up the ball in her own half from a pass from the Titans Ladies keeper Kaz. So, Titans Ladies won 3 – 0.”

“In our second match, we faced Bradford City Diamonds, and we knew this match was going to be one of the hardest of the day because we always have great matches against Bradford teams, and this one was no different,” Martin reported. “Bradford took the lead. The match stepped up another gear and Titans Ladies equalised to make it 1 – 1 with a goal by Helen. The Titans Ladies goalkeeper Kaz Roberts was pulling save after save to keep it at 1 – 1 but Bradford City Diamonds managed to squeeze a second goal in making the final score 2 – 1 to Bradford City Diamonds. A great game!!”

“In our third match, a rematch against City Knights White, Titans Ladies started strongly again to go 1 – 0 up within the first minute with a goal by Nikita,” Martin told www.syacl.com “Then Titans Ladies stepped up another gear by scoring two quick goals by Nikita. Into the last five minutes Nikita scored her fourth goal of the match making 4 – 0. Then the Titans Ladies had to play the last 5 minutes with 4 players.”

“In our final match, we faced Bradford City Diamonds,” Martin continued, “it was another brilliant game against Bradford which was end-to-end all the way. Bradford scored first to make it 1 – 0 then Titans Ladies equalised to make 1 – 1 with a goal from Nikita. Both goalkeepers started to pull save after save off to keep it at 1 – 1. Then Titans Ladies got a chance to make it 2 – 1 and they made it count by a lovely finish by Helen. Then the game stepped up again and Bradford made Titans Ladies pay by scoring a second goal making it 2 – 2. With just minutes to go, it looked like it was going end in a 2 – 2 drew after both keepers were playing brilliantly, but Bradford managed to get the winner and the final score was 3 – 2 to Bradford.”

“After the tournament finished the referee for the day came to me and said his player of the tournament was the Titans Ladies Kaz Roberts for all the brilliant saves she made.”

 Paul Jubb for Bradford reported, “In League 1 we played Club Doncaster Titans ladies twice and only just managed to beat them in the final minutes of each game. We lost to City Knights Whites in the first game against them, but won the second game, as City Knights appeared to tire. It was a very closely fought competition that could have gone either way!”

So, congratulations to Kaz, and also to Bradford City Diamonds for a deserved tournament win.

In the Division Two Tournament, the glory went to the ever-improving Spartans FC. The matches were watched and reported for us by Titans coach Liam Taylor.

“In Titans Yellows first game, we lost 3 – 0 to Spartans, who quickly went 2 – 0 up. It was an end-to-end game at the beginning until the Spartans turned their game up and they scored to make it 1 – 0; and then they scored another good goal through a good passing move to make it 2 – 0; Spartans scored to make it 3 – 0 and win the game,” Liam told us. “It was a great game and was not a bad performance from the team.”

“In our second game, Titan’s Yellow lost 2 – 0 to Bradford City Emeralds,” Liam told www.syacl.com. “Titans played back-to-back games, and it started end-to-end. Bradford made it 1 – 0 with a good pass through and one of their players was there to make 1 – 0; and Bradford made it 2 – 0 with a good free kick goal from the half way line. Again, it wasn’t a bad performance.” It was a rematch next for Titans Yellow as they took on Spartans. “Spartans made it 1 – 0 through a good goal at the near post and then made it 2 – 0 with a solo run from their box,” Liam told us.  “Spartans made it 3 – 0 with an own goal from Barney, it was so unlucky; and then a solo run from their player made it 4 – 0. Barney scored to make it 4 – 1; it was an unlucky game – but our guys tried their best!!”

In the final game, Titans Yellow and Bradford Diamonds shared a thrilling goalless draw. “It was an end-to-end game and it was a great game to watch,” Liam explained.  “It was a great performance from the team. We all did great. It was an unlucky day at the office, but we will be back!1”

Paul Jubb for Bradford reported, “in League 2 we lost to Spartans twice, but we did win against Club Doncaster Titans and the final game was a draw. Well done to everyone who played on a lovely spring day where the sun shone for a change!”

So well done to Spartans FC, who lift the League Two Divisional title, and as with the other Leagues, every player received a commemorative medal.

So that’s that for another brilliant season. The SYACL managed to keep going through the worst of the pandemic, welcomed two new clubs and affiliated two wonderful new Junior Leagues. Quite a campaign!!.

Thanks to Mike, Paul, Andrew, Colin, Margaret and Tony our brilliant Committee members; to Sean and all his referees; to our fantastic venues Goals Sheffield, Goals Doncaster and Concord Sports Centre, and to all our players, coaches and supporters for another hugely successful year.

Keep checking back on the website for the latest news and views, or on our Twitter feed.

See you all next season !!!

Many more photos under the 2021/2022 medal presentation photos tab above.

April 10th Divisional Tournaments

It was a depleted attendance at Doncaster Goals today for the Divisional Tournaments as Covid has struck heavily in this area.

However, there are photos under the 2021/2022 medal presentation tab above.

Colin who usually collates and photographs the match reports for the website is a Covid sufferer and as soon as we get any match reports I will post them on here.

We must thank Martin Taylor, head coach of Club Doncaster Titans for taking over the photography on the day.

Further changes to April 10th

Unfortunately, Social Eyes have had to withdraw from Sunday’s tournament .We now have only 3 teams in the Championship, League 1 & League 2.

Bradford Diamonds Have moved from Championship to League 1.                     

Please note that we’ve also made slight changes to kick off times in the Premier division.                                                    

Despite many teams withdrawing this week for various reasons, we cannot reschedule for April or May. Most teams will still be competing & the players involved will still get to participate, receive medals and possibly lift a trophy …..🙏🤞no more withdrawals.

Revised match times for April 10th 2022

Derek Dooley have withdrawn all their teams from Sunday’s divisional tournament. That has affected the fixture for most divisions, so please see below the changes made .

Socialeyes Green will move into the League 1 division, to enable a competition for the other 2 teams in that division. All other divisions will have 4 teams.                  

There will be a keepsake trophy for all group winners and medals will be given to all participants – maximum of 10 per team.

Barton Hull Rovers have withdrawn from next Sunday’s Divisional tournament, so please find below changes to the fixtures and note that the duration of matches will now be 10 minutes.


Sheffield Goals Centre are UNABLE to host SYACL.COM Divisional Tournament on Sunday 10th April as head office has brought forward pitch repairs.

The Divisional Tournament will now be held at DONCASTER GOALS CENTRE. 

Match schedules and kick off times remain as they were originally - starting at 11.00 for each division.