Junior disability football age rules

National FA Junior disability football rules state that players participate within 4 year bands.

Under 16’s -U13’s U14’s U15’s & U16’s.

Under 12’s – U9’s U10’s U11’s & U12’s.

Players 12 years old and over before the 1st September, will play in the Under 16 age band group . Any player who will be 12 years old from the 1st September, will play in the Under 12 section.                       

Players must be 8 years of age before the 1st September, to be allowed to participate in the U12’s group.                                  

Players who reach 16 years of age during or just before the start of the season ,are allowed to transfer onto the adult section of the league . However, for various reasons we discourage clubs from doing that.

In exceptional cases a club may request dispensation from the National FA to allow players above 12 years of age to play in the lower age band; or vice -versa with those not 12 years old, for the U16 section. Please only do that if absolutely necessary and not by attempting to circumvent the age band rulings. That has to be done directly with the FA, but we must be informed and see the proof of permission, before approving registration(s) on the Whole Game System.