South Yorkshire Ability Counts League Covid-19 2020/1 Season Update

Mike Stylianou brings the latest developments – and a few significant changes – ahead of the new Season.

Five -a -side Divisional Tournament

After lengthy consideration and discussion, the SYACL has decided to cancel the 5-a-side Divisional Tournament scheduled for September 20th 2020.

In making this decision, League management took the view that the constant movement of players and officials around the short matches – particularly with all teams playing each other on the same day – increased unnecessary risks.

Hopefully at the end of the season we will be able to stage the Divisional Tournaments on the same day – or consider an alternative type of Cup tournament.

Revised Matchday Arrangements

We have also considered minimising other risks on match days. As a result, there will be other changes for next season, as follows;

1. The 5-a-side League 1 teams will revert back to playing just 2 longer games and not all against each other on match days (which essentially was a mini tournament).

2. The maximum squad numbers for each team for each match day will be reduced, as follows;

For the seven- a-side teams, squads will be reduced from 12 to 10 players, so that the maximum number – including just 2 team officials – will be 12 people per team.

For the five-a side squads, numbers will be reduced from 10 to 8 players, so that the maximum number – including two team officials – will be 10 per team.

3. Spectators

It is very unlikely that any spectators will be permitted to the venues, so please start making plans with your parent / carers how to best arrange meeting your players at the venues and/ or organising transport for your whole group.

We will also arrange times for each team to enter the venue, so please advise players travelling independently not to arrive at the venues early.

4. Fixtures will be arranged for teams to play their matches back to back, though that will not be possible for all matches. This reduces time at the venue for most people. After completing their matches, we would expect teams to immediately leave the venue.

5. The 5-a-side League season will now start on October 18th. Apologies for those who have already made plans for September 20th.

Hopefully, restrictions at the venues will be relaxed throughout the season with the easing of social distancing; but for the immediate future all these changes for next season will remain in place unless you are advised otherwise by the SYACL.

SYACL Officials are continuously monitoring the latest HM Gov and FA Guidance, and will be liaising with the three regular venues throughout the season.

Although the County FA have not formally announced it, we have been reliably informed that there won’t be any County Cup matches for next season. The League would have asked teams to make their own match arrangements, so it is probably a relief for most.

We hope that the County FA will attempt to play the postponed semi-final matches from season 2019/20 at the end of next season if this is possible.

We understand how disappointing these changes may be for many of you, but we hope that you understand that the health and safety of all participants is the priority at this time.

As usual if you have any queries please contact me, Darren, or Colin.

Stay safe.

Mike Stylianou.

All teams must complete a risk assessment for their team. If anyone is struggling please contact Colin, our Co-vid coordinator, and he will be pleased to assist you with compiling your assessment.


Mobile 07739 089234

2 thoughts on “South Yorkshire Ability Counts League Covid-19 2020/1 Season Update

    1. Provisionally-Covid-19 regulations allowing. – SUN 27 September 2020 – Venue: Concord Sports Centre. A fixture page is now installed on site and will be updated as matches arranged.


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