BBC Radio Sheffield welcomes the SYACL to “The Sports Academy.”

Radio Sheffield presenters

Last night, (Tuesday, 26th August) SYACL League Secretary Darren Warner appeared as Adam Oxley’s guest on Radio Sheffields ‘The Sport Academy’ show regularly focusing on a huge variety of sporting stories across the region, featuring the famous, and the not-so-famous.

Darren was joined by League website Volunteer and Covid-19 Co-ordinator Colin Muncie; between them the pair fielded a series of questions from Adam about the history of the SYACL, preparations for the upcoming season, the development of the SYACL Website and the growth of interest in Disability football.

Adam – a huge supporter of local grassroots football – has asked that we keep him updated on the progress of the League in general and our future stories featuring our many personalities.

Darren’s piece can be found below and is reproduced with the kind permission of Adam and BBC Radio Sheffield.

Here’s the link to last night’s show. Listen to the whole show or the SYACL interview is at 1hr 36min 30 secs

Thanks to Adam and well done to Darren & Colin!!!

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