Must read updated Covid-19 rules before Sunday five-a-side games

Can every participant in the SYACL please read the following government and FA rulings. It is imperative we adhere to the points in order to keep our games on.

Remember, all our participants are in the extremely vulnerable grouping section of society.

If anyone shows symptoms, or anyone in a participants family or bubble shows symptoms, PLEASE don’t arrive on the day.

Risk Assessment completed.

Covid-19 Co-ordinator nominated, Colin Muncie.

No spectators – venue requirement. Two club officials only; others to remain in cars. Clubs to manage.

Clubs to provide lists of players and officials and contact details to Mike for track and trace. Mike is nominated contact for Goals.

• Clubs in first series fixtures (1.40pm) to arrive not later than 1.10pm.

Clubs with a 2.55pm kick off to arrive between 2.20pm and 2.30pm.

Clubs with a 3.25 pm kick-off to arrive 2.55pm-3.05 pm.   

Please keep personal items to a minimum; leave in cars where possible.

Teams should bring a plastic cover for personal items in case of rain.

On arrival.

Two club officials to gather all players together in car park before proceeding to pitch entrance.

Don’t forget your list of names and contact details.

Groups to maintain social distancing at entrance-each club group is its own bubble.

Please arrive changed and ready if you can.

No changing rooms will be available, and only one set of toilets.

Please do not enter Bar area or gather in Reception or Concourse.

Bring your own drinks and hand gel – don’t share.


We’ll provide two bags – one per-pitch – containing sanitiser, wipes, PPE, gloves and aprons for post-match clean down, inc. balls and goalposts.

Gloves and Apron ARE required for the treatment of injuries.

Players are encouraged to bring own hand gel, although we will ensure we have plenty on site.

Everyone is encouraged to wear face coverings even when in close proximity to teammates, in “holding areas”, or in transit through Goals.

Players requiring toilet facilities MUST be accompanied by one club official.


Teams approach entrance in groups – each group socially distanced from the other. Strict 2 metre distance at all times.

Groups encouraged strongly to wear face coverings .

Mike, Colin and Darren are at the entrance to receive contact details lists.

Temperature check for each participant.

• Hand sanitizer will be made available/given to all participants.

Groups to establish a socially distanced spot on Pitch 4, the holding area.


One way system through corridors entering and leaving.

All teams must use the one-way system to access their pitch or when returning to holding area.

The SYACL won’t be issuing bibs so we ask that clubs provide their own in the event of a colour clash; Mike has investigated and advised affected teams.

Once your matches are over please collect your things from the holding area and leave the venue as quickly as you can.

No spitting or unnecessary contact/celebration.

Don’t enter the bar area or gather in the Goals building.

Pitches 5 and 7 are match pitches. Only subs and officials at pitch side please – socially distanced. Viewing possible from Pitch 4. One way system on the route to pitches.

• No other teams should be within the playing area if they are not directly involved.

If a ball leaves one pitch and enters another, please do not use your hands to retrieve it.

• Please do not warm up with footballs in the holding area (Pitch 4) . This increases the risk of transmission between groups. Store any personal items within Pitch 4.


• Please leave the venue as quickly as you can taking your belongings and litter with you.

• Can each team ask one of the officials to write up a short summary of the game from their perspective. This is for the SYACL Website.

• Please raise any issues or concerns you experience on the day with Mike, Darren or Colin.

• Any suggestions for how we can improve the event will also be really welcome.

• Stay safe • Follow the guidance • Enjoy the games!

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