A gentleman of our times

Today we publish the tributes received on the death of Darren Warner, the secretary of http://www.southyorkshireabilitycountsleague.com

We have received so many messages and tributes to Darren that we have added an extra page to our website entitled Darren Warner RIP.

As you read the tributes please also remember Sharon and Jordan, their families and Darren’s second family Team Titan.

8 thoughts on “A gentleman of our times

  1. One of the best, did so much for everyone. Thank you Darren for all you did for Conner and us as a family; will never forget you. RIP Darren forever in our hearts.


  2. A great football manager, who had time for everyone. Thank you for everything you did to let my son Tommie and his best friend Callum play football, you will be missed by all your Titans Family x


    1. Darren was my true hero I was proud of everything he achieved in life my heart is broken but with all the lovely comments have helped me though these last few weeks
      💔 Daz I hope you can see all these lovely comments !!’ And how you have made people appreciate what you gave ❤️ I’m so proud to be your wife and thank you for being you xxxxxx I will always love you xxxxx


  3. Darren was a great football manager and friend, Thankyou for letting my son Tommie and his best friend Callum play football, he will be missed by all the Titans Family x


  4. Rip to a top man a great work pal and a soldier; the man had time for everyone; he will be much loved and missed. Fly high Daz Warner I will miss you love ❤️


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