The winner of Grassroots Coach of the Year Adults section, it’s our Darren.

An invitation has been announced on Twitter today [] to find out who you nominated to become our heroes of Grassroots Football 2020 and who the winners are.

You are invited to join them virtually to celebrate the amazing people who go above and beyond to make football for all.

If you have Twitter, hop onto @FA at 8pm on Tuesday 16th March and celebrate.

A spoiler alert of the winner of Grassroots Coach of the Year Adults section, it’s our Darren.

There are already congratulatory messages flooding in on Facebook and Twitter and for those of you that don’t have the platforms we will collate and post the messages on here in the next few days.

Club Doncaster Titans

Would like to say a massive thank you to everyone for this. On behalf of Darren and this family and all of the body at the club thank you.

Sheridan Batunas

No one else deserved it more. Football was his life and he put so much in to it and that’s why the club is where it is today due to his hard work and his wife Sharon Warner   and all the other amazing coaches/staff there, so a big well done. 

Jane Newbury

Well earned, well deserved.

Darren still winning awards! Legend.

Cameron Mounde

Thankyou Darren Warner.

Cameron Mounde

And thank you for Sharon Warner for letting me play for Club Doncaster Titans.

Martin Taylor

Thank you. 

Bradford City Disability FC

 Darren was a true legend and his legacy will carry on in the club. And we hope to see you all soon.

Kaz Roberts

So so true x

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