A new team has joined our SYACL

A new team has joined our league and their coach Alex Whitehead, Head Coach, Hillsborough Hornets DTFC tells us all about them, but if you want to read more then visit their excellent website. www.hillsboroughhornets.co.uk.

  Tell us a little about the background to your club and players – how long have the teams been together, and where were they playing before? How many teams will you be entering?

We are the Hillsborough Hornets Disability Football Club; the club will have been running for 1 year in October. We have 48 kids who attend sessions on a Saturday morning, which is a big achievement for us. To say that in October 2020, we started with 5 kids, then Covid etc. We have kids with conditions ranging from Autism to Down Syndrome and Cerebral Palsy.

We welcome boys and girls to play for our team. Some of them used to play for Sheffield FC, but most of them have never played in this type of environment. We will be entering 1 team in the under 12’s League and 2 teams in the under 16’s League.

If you want to join us or need any more information, you can find it on our website: https://hillsboroughhornets.co.uk/

What are you looking forward to most about participating in the SYACL?

Having a league that cares about the kids and the teams involved; and hopefully helping the kids enjoy more than just training and giving them the that feeling of winning a League fixture!

Tell us what the spectators can look forward to from your teams. Are there any particular players we should be looking out for?

A togetherness, fun, and all involved, despite ability performance is what you’ll see from our guys. They play to win, but do it the right way by enjoying themselves first! All our players are people you should be looking out for, we don’t make it about one player or two we make it all about it being accessible and all about inclusion.

How has pre-season training gone so far? Have you been involved in any competitions over the summer weeks?

Pre-season is going great, the togetherness is really there to see, and we’ve been having some really fun session, loads of smiles and laughter.

We had a summer tournament in Killinghall, Harrogate where we finished runners up!

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