This week, starts a series which takes a look at our most valued League sponsors.

Our first article features the Sheffield Trophy Centre, based in Proctor Place, Hillsborough. Since the League became independent some years ago, we have been grateful for the continued support and sponsorship by The Sheffield Trophy Centre.      

When we initially discussed our plans for the League, without hesitation Pat and Wayne Unwin kindly offered to provide us with annual medals & awards.  That allows us to keep costs as low as possible for our members, and is very much appreciated by us all. 

Although Pat is the owner of the shop, Wayne is the heartbeat of the shop, always arranging all the stuff for us.

Pat & Wayne Unwin

SYACL’s Margaret Gregory started by asking owner Pat Unwin about Sheffield Trophy Centre’s relationship with the League.

“I am in the advantageous position of looking at SYACL and my own company and I must admit it is obvious that our respective hopes and desires – if handled correctly – could form a marriage made in heaven.”

Margaret: “Tell us a little about your company; what you do, where you are located, and a little bit of your history.”

Pat: “I purchased the business in March 1997. I soon increased the turnover and must admit we showed distinct signs of a healthy upturn in both turnover and profit. Most people especially sport minded people can relate to Sheffield Trophy Centre and we retail awards and medals as well as a fist class engraving service.

We have owned the business for 24 years now and are located in Hillsborough about 3/4 mile from SWFC ground at Leppings Lane; before this we were based in the Wicker Arches on Walker Street near the City Centre.

We put extreme emphasis on taking our responsibilities as a family business very seriously. Customer service is just one of the weapons we use, which does to a certain extent relate especially to people who still lock horns and begin sentences with ‘back in the day.’

Margaret: “Tell us how you came to be involved with the Ability Counts League?”

Pat: “I first became involved with SYACL through talks with someone who has become a lifelong friend, Mike Stylianou. We are always open to suggestions of how to increase our turnover and our keenness to get on a healthy footing in this everchanging world or ours.”

Margaret: “What form does your support and sponsorship take?”

Pat: “At present we provide medals and awards to the SYACL; those medals and awards are synonymous with our business.”

The SYACL would like to thank Pat and his team for their fantastic sponsorship of our League. 

Visit to review the huge range of awards, trophies, and medals on offer. The Trophy Centre can be contacted at 0114 2312959, or via the contact form available on the website.

Sheffield Trophy Centre
Proud sponsors of the South Yorkshire Ability Counts League

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