Jan 8th 2023 match report

A thrilling start to 2023 seven-a side action at Concord Sports Centre

Three-way battle at the top of the Premier – Sheffield (Red) from (Blue) and Barton

Bradford Amber head Brunsmeer and Dooley Red in the Championship

It’s Sheffield White from Dooley Orange in League One

Happy New Year to all our readers. We wish you a happy, healthy, and safe 2023.

The www.southyorkshireabilitycountsleague.com got back into competitive action after the Christmas period at a cold and windy Concord Sports Centre last Sunday.

As usual our brilliant team of journalists were all over the frantic action, and our editor Margaret Gregory pulled together their reports from all 16 matches across the three pitches. So, let’s get cracking.

In the Premier Division, it’s all to play for with a close battle at the top of the table. City Knights (Black) got the afternoon under way with an opening match with Barton Inclusive, watched by Knights Sharon Lavender.

“Our first match back was against Barton Inclusive Football Club,” Sharon reported. “Ant West put us in the lead by knocking one in the net in the first half, well done Ant!! but not long after Barton equalised. In the second half Michael Moxam, our keeper, made some great saves! Our players tried to keep momentum, but Barton gave us a good match – their keeper saved some lovely goals. We played well, but they broke through our defence and ended up winning 2 – 1” 

“Our second match was against Swallownest Juniors,” Sharon went on. “Ant West starting us off on the score sheet, well done Ant! The guys seemed to gel better in this match. There were some amazing saves by our keeper Michael Moxam and some great cover in defence by Sam Leary and Stephen MacDonald in the first half, David Barker and Sam Leary in the second half. Jordan Bratby and Chris Senior played well supporting the team and getting the ball down field to Ant Wilson and Connor Nicholls.”

“In the second half Swallownest Juniors got one back, but we equalised straight away by Connor Nicholls blasting one in the corner of the net assisted by Ant West, well done Connor! Well done all we are so proud of you!” 

“Man of the matches is Sam Leary, well done Sam!” Sharon told us. “Great teamwork, perseverance, passion and resilience. Swallownest Juniors gave us a good match. 

Well done all, we are so proud of you!” 

“Thank you to all that came to support us – we appreciate it!” Sharon concluded. “Thank you to both teams, to our ref and all that made this day possible.”

Sheffield (Red) enjoyed a convincing win over Aston Swallownest (Red), then Sheffield (Blue) took all three points by the only goal in a close fought encounter with Barton before the two Sheffield Clubs, Red and Blue shared a tense 1 – 1 draw to round out the afternoon.

After six matches each it’s Sheffield (Red) who lead the way, but just by two points from Sheffield (Blue) and Barton Inclusive, who have ten points each. Aston Swallownest (Red) have six points from a win and three draws, and City Knights (Black) got off the mark with that well-deserved point against Aston (Red).

1Sheffield FC Red (Disability)6330312
2Sheffield FC Blue (Disability)6240210
3Barton Inclusive Football Club Barton At6312110
4Aston Swallownest Juniors Disability Red6132-16
5City Knights Black6015-51

Onto the Championship and the first game saw Bradford City Amber take the three points with a narrow win over Club Doncaster Titans (White) watched by Titans Head Coach Martin Taylor.

“Both teams started the match, like they had never had a Christmas period,” Martin told us. “The match was end to end, and you could not tell where a goal was coming from; but unfortunately, it went Bradford’s way. The goal came from a silly mistake by our defence. The ball ricocheted around the area and trickled through the keeper’s legs. In the second half, you could not separate the teams again; it was a very, very entertaining game from start to finish. Titans got a chance to equalise. Keith Parker took the kick in, and it went through every single player and crept in at the bottom corner, but unfortunately rules are rules, so it was disallowed for not touching a player, so the game ended one nil to Bradford.”

“Well done to both teams for a brilliant game to watch A as a spectator and B as the the coach of the opposition team,” Martin added. “Well done to both teams.”

Paul Jubb reports, “a big well done to Bradford City DFC Ambers today. In the first game against Club Doncaster Titans in a close game, we won 1-0 McKenzie scoring the winning goal. A few saves from Steven kept us in the game.

In the second game against Brunsmeer Awareness, who had beaten us by the odd goal last time out, we won another close game 1-0 with Mc Kenzie again scoring the goal, he dropped into defence for the second half to ensure we won the game by the odd goal.

Player of the day goes to Kenzie Finbow for not just the goals but making a great team decision when the game was getting tough.

The 2 wins on the day saw us go top of a very close Championship.

Well done each and everyone of you today you all did really well

In the second half a win for Derek Dooley (Red) by the one goal over Wheatley Wanderers watched by Dooley’s Claire Cowlishaw.

“This was a good even match and the boys all tried their best,” Claire said. “There were good shots at both ends, solid defending from Jack, Nick, Adam and Dom. Lewis showed his dribbling skills and passed up front to Aiden who shot wide. Elliott and Stephen showed good skill in the centre. Some good goalkeeping from Nathan, passing out to the side Adam passed to Lewis in the middle, a good tackle the ball went out. Adam passed from the kick in onto Jack through the defenders and Jack back-heeled it into the net, giving Dooley the lead and winning their first game!”

Chris Pow reported on the WWJFC Ability 0 – 2 Derek Dooley Red

We played really well, with lots of chances for us to score. Dooleys put their chances away though, but we felt really unlucky not to come away with something. 

WWJFC Ability 1 – 3 Brunsmeer 

Again we played really well, at times bossing the midfield. Steven scored for us, and Josh hit the bar, but we simply let too many goals in. We deserved a point.

After Bradford City Amber had taken a one-nil win over Brunsmeer Awareness, Club Doncaster Titans (White) were in action again this time against Rotherham United Community Sports Trust, watched again by Martin Taylor.

“This was the game I was dreading,” Martin reported. “The game started as it meant to go on – fast and furious. Both teams were playing outstanding football, so we didn’t know where the first opportunity was going to come from. But Titans being Titans, they fought and fought, and the breakthrough came our way. At this time, it looked like it was going to end in a nil-nil draw. But the mighty Titans scored!”

“But Rotherham being Rotherham, they battled on. However, with Titans being Titans they battled on too and kept Rotherham at bay. But unfortunately, heartache – as they scored making it 1 – 1 with only 10 seconds to go. Both teams were outstanding and again it was a pleasure to watch another entertaining game.”

“This match was a credit to the league – and what the league stands for,” Martin concluded. “So proud to be the head coach of the Titans with the performances they put in today. So well done boys – you are a credit!”

Brunsmeer took the points in an excellent penultimate game with a plucky Wheatley outfit before Rotherham and Dooley Red shared the points in a fantastic final match. Here’s Claire from Dooley.

“This was a harder match with stronger opposition,” Claire reports, “which they went down to an early goal. Nathan had a spell out of the net for the first half, he played well in the centre with Aiden upfront having a good shot but saved. There was some good play, but we were outplayed and went 2-0 down. The lads didn’t let their heads down and some good work from Lewis saw the lead back to 2-1. The play was end-to-end again but a foul saw a free kick given on the edge of the area, for which Nathan saw Red, which was inexcusable. Nick went in the net to end the game and went straight into the action and saved the shot with his feet. The lads rallied together and a good pass from Jack to Lewis who dribbled around a player and shot into the left corner bringing the game to a draw. Well done everyone.”

Bradford Amber lead the way in the Championship by two points from Brunsmeer and Dooley (Red). However, Rotherham CST and Titans (White) aren’t far behind, with Wheatley just four points back.

1Bradford City FITC Disability Amber6402212
2Brunsmeer Awareness6312110
3Derek Dooley Football Academy RED6312110
4Rotherham United Community Sports Trust623119
5Club Doncaster Titans FC (Adult) White6213-17
6Wheatley Wanderers SYACL6105-43

Just four games in League One this weekend, but still, plenty of action. First up, Club Doncaster Titans (Red) took on Aston Swallownest (Blue). This game was watched by Dannyl Hall.

 “Breaking into the New Year 2023 – Titans Red v Aston Swallownest,” Dannyl reported. The first half started out strongly with us only having 8 players due to some key players missing, but we couldn’t hold off our opponents and they scored 2 in the 1st half. In the second half and Aston broke away with a 3rd goal only for Titans to get a consolation goal back. The match ended Aston 3 – 1 Titans Red.”

Next up Sheffield FC (White) took the points with a narrow victory over Derek Dooley (Orange) watched by Claire Cowlishaw from Dooley. “Against Sheffield FC White, and with no substitutes the lads had to give their all,” said Claire.  “The team worked well together with great work from Nathan P, coaching from on the pitch. Some great defending from Clark and John, Aiden, Jamie Lee and Nathan were working hard in the centre and Gregg upfront. Sheffield was strong and took the lead. There was some great dribbling from Aiden who shot wide. Sheffield had a good shot from a freekick past Shaun who couldn’t see the ball. Nathan passed to Aiden who passed back, and Nathan scored bringing it to 3 – 2 so a narrow loss with some good work.” 

After Sheffield (White) saw off Aston Swallownest (Blue) in a sometimes bad-tempered affair, Dooley Orange defeated Titans (Red) by three goals. Here’s Claire to summarise the win.

“This game we had a sub with Dean making it, so Jamie Lee started on the bench. The lads started well with some good teamwork, Clark passed up to Nathan in the centre and he passed to Aiden and back to Nathan who shot and scored. The boys swapped subs and went again with some great passing between Aiden, Nathan and back to Aiden who scored on his first matches with the team. Shaun in goal didn’t have too much to do but was still shouting encouragement to his teammates. Jamie Lee had a good run passed to Gregg, but it went wide. The team intercepted the ball in the middle again passed to Jamie Lee who scored a great shot from the right, taking the 3 – 0 lead.”

“This was a respectful, good-natured match – well done everyone!” said Claire.

Dannyl watched the game for Titans. “In our second v Derek Dooley, we again started out strongly but couldn’t break through and Derek Dooley broke the deadlock as our team struggled in the first half.”

“In the second half we seemed to hold our own, but Derek Dooley caught us off guard and were in the lead by 3 goals to 0, and that’s how the game ended.”

“Not a great start for 2023” Dannyl admitted, “but we will carry on training and moving forward.”

Sheffield (White) are unbeaten and lead the table by four points from the improving Dooley (Orange) with Aston (Blue) a further three points back. Titans (Red) have battled bravely in every game and have two points from two draws.

1Sheffield FC White (Disability)6420414
2Derek Dooley Football Academy Orange6312110
3Aston Swallownest Juniors Disability Blu6213-17
4Club Doncaster Titans FC (Adult) Red6024-42

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