Sunday 7-a-side returns but with rules

We are sorry about all the organisational stuff, but I am sure you all want your child to be safe. We are certain that if we all follow the guidelines, that the venues have put in place, and the extra provisions we as a League have put in place, we can make the afternoon as safe as possible.

A signup sheet must be provided by each club to Mike or Colin on check-in at the venue on Sunday, this is the document we propose to use below.

A template will be sent to each club in order that you can come to the venue with the information already filled in.

You’ll note that it has space for email and mobile number as well as name.

We don’t require both but we must have a mobile number as a very minimum.

We will destroy this information after 14 days, which means we will require a new sheet for every matchday.

Colin will bring spare copies in case you guys lose one or forget, but it is obviously the responsibility of team officials to ensure that the information is complete, so run yourself off a copy or two for use on the day. We’ll provide a plastic wallet to retain them confidentially.

Move over to our Covid-19 page to read the rules and regulations that are in place at our venue or click here:

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