Your chance to get involved and FREE midweek hour-long football sessions in Sheffield

Today, we chat with Sean Graves, Inclusion Officer Sheffield Wednesday FC

Sean Graves

Over the past few weeks while we waited for Disability Football to return the website has been talking to important local figures who have played a major part in supporting the growth of Disability Football in our area; but what about aspiring footballers, living with a disability, who want to get more involved, but don’t have the opportunity?

Today, we are chatting with Sean Graves from Sheffield Wednesday FC, who may just have an answer for those wishing to get involved in the game.

SYACL:  Sean tell us a little about yourself.

SG: “My name is Sean Graves; I am the new Inclusion Officer at Sheffield Wednesday Community programme, and Sharon Lavender at City Knights FC suggested I speak with the SYACL to help spread my message even further.”

SYACL: “Sean, we understand you are offering an opportunity for footballers with disabilities to get more involved in playing the game.”

SG: “That’s right. We are offering some free football inclusive sessions which are for participants with disabilities, learning difficulties and non-visible disabilities. The sessions are FREE OF CHARGE and the idea is to just get the players playing in an extra training session a week.”

SYACL:  “You’re not looking to start a team, are you Sean – but you can possibly help players find a club. Is that right?

SG:  “Yes. We are NOT – and I want to make this clear – trying to recruit players to enter a team in the League ourselves.  I am hoping that as more players come to my sessions, I can signpost them to teams in the Ability Counts League depending on the area of Sheffield they live in and the travel access that they have.”

 SYACL:  When are the sessions for anyone who is interested, Sean?

SG:  “The sessions are; Tuesday’s at Hillsborough Arena 5-6pm and Wednesday’s at Concord Park, 5.15-6.15pm. The sessions are open to 8-16-year-olds, but adults are welcome too.

“We currently have a lot of adults attending but are now pushing for the JUNIOR side of things too; if anyone has any questions, please feel free to email me @ and I’ll be happy to answer them.”

 SYACL: Sean, tell us what precautions you are taking to protect participants from Covid-19?

SG: “Both sessions are outdoors. We provide all participants with hand sanitiser on the way in and out; however, we also encourage everyone to bring their own supply for use throughout the sessions, as required. All the equipment is checked and cleaned on a regular basis. Players SHOULD WEAR OUTDOOR AstroTurf footwear or trainers.”

SYACL: So, if you know anyone who might be interested in Sean’s sessions, why not drop him an e-mail? thanks Sean for his time and wishes him every success with the sessions.

Sheffield Wednesday Football Club
S6 1SW

Twitter: @SWFCCP

The South Yorkshire Ability Counts League is back in action!!!

After last week’s thrilling 7-a-side restart, is already looking ahead to the resumption of the 5-a-side Leagues at Goals Sheffield on Sunday, October 18th 2020.

Keep checking the site for news, results, features, and reports as the players get back into action. Also why not catch up on the reports and all the photos from the 7-a-side restart at: –

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