Five-a-side fixture changes

It is with regret that Bradford City FC  Diamonds have had to withdraw from the League for next season, due to difficulties caused by the virus and other matters.

The 5-a-side League has now been reduced to two divisions, as the middle Championship Division has had to be removed.

Dooley White & Titans Blue have moved up to the Premier Division & Spartans have moved down to Division 1.  Fixtures have obviously been changed and  times will be sent out via Full Time later today.

While it may not be ideal at least we are still offering the opportunity of playing matches for most of our players and some weaker teams can look at using more than 5 players if necessary against stronger opponents.

Apologies, but throughout the season no doubt we will be forced into constantly making changes, so I would advise all the teams to remain flexible on match days for possible late changes.

Any queries please contact Mike Stylianou or Darren Warner.

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