May 9th – Concord Sports Centre  7-a-side and honouring our Darren Warner

May 9th – Concord Sports Centre  7-a-side.

Teams to arrive at the following times:

1.00pm -C. Knights Black. Sheffield Red. Sheffield White. Brunsmeer.  Wheatley. Aston Blue .

1.30pm – Aston Red.  Dooley Kicks. Sheffield Black. Titans Red.

1.45pm – City Knights Blue. Dooley Orange.

2.00pm – Bradford Amber. Bradford Blue.  Bradford Claret.  Titans White.

Kit Colour clashes in the matches below, bibs to be taken on the day by all the teams affected ….

      Titans Red v Sheffield White

      Titans White v Dooley Kicks   

      Sheffield Black  v Titans White

At 2.30pm we will be celebrating the life of Darren Warner and be joined on the day by his wife Sharon and some of his family members.

We kindly request all teams remain with us for the short ceremony to honour Darren’s life and contribution to the League.

Presentation of trophies & medals to teams finishing first or second will be done not long after their second match and not necessarily at the end of the day, as we normally do.

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