Opportunity, growth, legacy

Three words to sum up Steph’s journey from Wembley National Stadium Trust funded Every Player Counts participant to coach with Club Doncaster Foundation and Club Doncaster Titans.

Steph has always had a passion for football but due to her physical disability, she struggled in her quest to find a team that was best suited to her. Consequently, she had been out of the sport for several years before she came across Club Doncaster Titans whilst at university.

Instantly, Steph felt ‘at home’ with the club, with a massive part of this being her coach, Darren. Having developed her self-confidence, she was given the platform to use her own experiences to coach the Under 12 session before being given complete control to tailor a female-only session to become her own personal initiative.

On International Womens Day supporting females to success, great work from Club Doncaster Foundation.

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